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With extensive experience and knowledge in the field, Samtulas Powertech Company ensures the timely delivery of a quality assured range of electrical products that caters to the diverse needs of our clients. Renowned for its exceptional products, widespread distribution network, commitment to long term relationships with vendors, competitive pricing, convenient payment options and punctual delivery Samtulas Powertech Company has become a known name in the industry. Our primary objective is to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers and align with the evolving demands of the industry. This commitment drives us to supply products that are both safe and high performing, demonstrating their quality in terms of safety and efficiency. The dedication of our staff is confirmed by the success of our company and we aspire to maintain this level of enthusiasm in the future as well.

Product introduction

A relay card refers to a device card that incorporates relays. A relay is an electrically operated switch that uses an electromagnet to mechanically operate a switch, allowing it to control the electrical circuit it is a part of. The relay card is designed to manage and control various aspects of the electrical system. The relay card typically has a number of inputs and outputs. The inputs are connected to sensors that monitor the performance of the generator. The outputs are connected to actuators that control the functioning of the generator.

In electricity generation, relay cards can serve several purposes, including

The specific functions and capabilities of a relay cards can vary depending on the design, application and requirements of the electricity generation system in which it is used.

At Samtulas Powertech Company, we are a notable exporter and distributor of Shavison Relay Card, Phase Sequence Relay Card, Voltage Protection Relay Card.These are made available from 5V up to a range of 48V with an output up to 5A. We are also a stockist of Siemens protection relay modules,Siemens relay cards and Sinamics SMC30 Sensor Module Cabinets. We offer a substantial range of Siemens card models for utilization and service of a large number of customers. Additionally, we are also a provider of Trinity touch relay card, relay modules with Solid State relays and passive modules. All of these products are available with different specifications and unique configurations. The variety of relay cards provided by us have application in different industries such as cement,petrochemical automotive industries, machine tool manufacturers, PLC control systems and panel manufacturers.

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